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Long live the King part II

So Young back then, but we are still The Beautiful Ones!

What to wear for Friday's royal wedding?

The perfect afternoon

You have to love Hong Kong

Telephone - The Leighton Office version

Summer Palace take 2

RE: 蠢一點,再蠢一點,可以嗎?Can I be dumber?

蠢一點,再蠢一點,可以嗎?Can I be dumber?

Is our English really THAT bad?

Me@BBC again - the Brits just can't get enough of Sex and Zen

Me talking about Sex...on BBC World

I don't like you any more. Goodbye.

Award and Husband

Long live the King!

Is it Sex or Zen? Or the 3D?

Amazing hot dark chocolate @ Vero

Skipping lecture for a good reason

假如我是潘霜霜 If I were Pan Shuangshuang

Thank you!!!

Car racing in China

Lunch at Assaggio

Ai Weiwei, Zhao Lianhai, Zhang Xiaogang and China's Five-Year Plan

New web address

Men in white socks and ugly shoes Ewwwwww!!

If you ever wonder...

If you are a snob, so be it. Don't pretend that you are not.

This is WHY my translation fees are pricey!!!!

Lady Vivi - Paparazzi

Ai Weiwei's been detained. But don't worry, we'll keep buying!!!

Readings for the week

My translation fees are pricey

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