Skipping lecture for a good reason

I know the pictures are blurry and you really can't see clearly what was going on, but these are the records of last night's Bob Dylan live in Hong Kong!!!!

I'm not exactly the number one fan but I knew it could be my once in a life time opportunity to see the live performance of one of the best musicians of our time - Dylan is 69 years old after all! Really grateful to R and N for responding to my shout on Facebook. I never expected it! I guess no one will blame me for skipping last night's lecture.

The show was fab! And Dylan and his band were fantastic. I was quite surprised that the old man still had the energy deliver such a great nearly two-hour show. The funny thing was that I ran into so many people - Posties, ex-Posties and friends...non-friend that I wasn't bothered to say hi to - looked like the entire English speaking community of Hong Kong was there last night (and probably the night before since it was the second Dylan HK show in a row).

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