So Young back then, but we are still The Beautiful Ones!

The exciting news of Suede having a reunion tour to Hong Kong in August has set me on a hyper mood all day and night. I'm supposed to finish this essay due on Friday but I simply cannot concentrate. My job is supposed to revisit the painful memories of the Tiananmen Massacre but my mind has been wandering down the memory lane of my good old Suede days.

I randomly did a search on YouTube and found this clip -- Suede's first performance in Hong Kong 1994 at Queen Elizabeth Stadium. It's a tiny venue, but the gig was definitely one of the best I've ever been to in my life.

It was one of the most exciting days of my teenage years, I recall, as I won the movie tickets to a special screening of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction during the day. I was underage, and I had to dress as if I were over 18 years old in order to get into the category III film show. The film was mind-blowing, nothing like anything I had ever seen. My friend B and I were overwhelmed when we got out of the cinema.

But because we got some serious hours to kill in the afternoon, we then headed to the Science Museum to play around and enjoy the free air-conditioning. I think it was my idea, and it wasn't a bad idea at all. At least we were hanging out at a museum rather than the mall. We waited and waited till...finally, show time!!!! My first real rock'n roll gig!

Honestly I didn't know much about the band back then. I heard of their music on the radio and then I bought the album. It took me so long to work out what those lyrics meant and the correct pronounciation of the band's name (We didn't know Suede was pronounced as Suede. We thought it was pronounced as "Zoo-Di" hahahaha, how silly!). But I just loved the music, because it was nothing like anything I ever listened to -- it has this lovely and some time catchy melodies just like Canto-pop but arranged in a way that is so different from what I was used to, like a duet between the voice of Brett Anderson and the guitar of Bernard Butler. It truly blew my mind. And that gig in 1994 -- it was a serious life-changing experience to an innocent teenager growing up in a traditional Chinese family and attending a girls' school wearing cheongsam as a school uniform!

Looking back, I think that day of Tarantino + Suede had some profound impact on me. From that day on, I sort of decided to pursue my interests in film and music, and now here I am. I studied accounting for my HKCEE. Who would've thought I'd become a newspaper writer writing about arts and culture, getting to interview all the bands and filmmakers that I admired back in my teenage years? And something more is in store in future.

I want to thank the media (CR2, MCB) that introduced me to the band back in the days -- they gave me the inspiration of a dream that I never dared to dream of. And I hope I can do the same to other kids.

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