I don't like you any more. Goodbye.

Breaking up is nothing to be afraid of. Essentially it is a positive move - it's like ridding of rubbish you don't want any more, or you coughing away all the germs out of your body. But what bothers people is HOW to break up with someone.

People I know like to drag things for a long time before they finally have the courage to spit out those words. In fact, they are not just words, but carefully scripted lines prepared "so as not to hurt the other person". But darling, don't be silly. The moment you let yourself getting involved with someone, you are destined to be hurt to a certain degree, whether you are the one doing the break-up or being dumped.

So there's no way to get around it. But still people like to come up with these classic cowardice cliches:

"It's not you. It's me."
- Err...so exactly what the F is it about you?

"I love you but it's just not working."
- Liar! If you love the person, you can always work things out.

"You will be better off without me."
- I guess I know what's good for me better than you do.

"I'm not good enough for you."
- Then why did you even go out with me in the first place?

"I love you, but you are not what I'm looking for."
- That means you do not love me lor! Why sugarcoating it?

You want to break up with someone not because you can't put up with that person -- there's no such thing as "putting up with" when you seriously like him/ her.

So this is my line:

"I don't like you any more. Goodbye."

No further explanation needed. I'm done.

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