This is WHY my translation fees are pricey!!!!

Now with Google translate, you probably think that you can read anything written in any language in just two clicks away. But hang on a minute, is Google translate really THAT good??

Here's the experiment: I just copied the first par of my previous post From Porn to Art: Everything must go 3D??? and translated the Chinese text into English with Google Translate, and here's what I got:

Although the past week busy, but at least the contents of cock watched two diametrically opposite films: <3D meat futon> and WIM WENDERS as dancers PINA BAUSCH death of the German documentary film <PINA>. A salty comedy series, a line art film; a series Own Mic production, a film master of Germany's latest masterpiece. Unrelated, but both are considered the latest 3D movie line.

Original Chinese text:
過去的一個星期雖然忙得不可開交,但總算誤打誤撞看了兩部內容南轅北轍的電影:<3D 肉蒲團>和WIM WENDERS 為已離世的德國舞蹈家PINA BAUSCH 拍攝的紀錄片<PINA>。一部係鹹濕笑片,一部係藝術電影;一部係土炮製作,一部係德國電影大師的最新力作。風馬牛不相及,但兩者都算係最新的3D電影。

Seriously, I have no idea where the "contents of cock" comes from! There's NO mentioning of such in my original Chinese text (you know that I'm not lying if you read Chinese).

It's a good laugh, but this explains why my translation fees are pricey.

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