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Translation is not just about the language. It's about translating culture.

Recently I had a discussion with someone about the Chinese translations of foreign movie titles and how they are different from each other in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. This reminds me of a story I wrote—the second feature story I wrote in 2000 not long after I joined the South China Morning Post as a fresh graduate. I cannot believe this story was written 19 years ago and it is still a topic of discussion today! 
The story was a follow-up on the little incident happened at the press conference for French film La Fidelite, during which I pointed out to the director that the Chinese title seemed to give the audience a different impression of what type of film it was. It caused a storm and the distributor had to change the film's title and reprint all the promotional posters LOL. 
This story is so old that it can't even be found online (!). I'm just going to share it here.
And thank you to all the interviewees who gave a chance to this fresh graduate nearly two decad…

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