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The South China Morning Post will always have a special place in my heart.

I began my journalism career at the South China Morning Post when I graduated from university in 2000. As a junior feature writer, I covered film, entertainment, arts and popular culture. It was the best possible job for a young fresh graduate and a culture enthusiast.
Throughout my 15 years at the SCMP, I developed my skills and knowledge. The SCMP gave me abundant opportunities to learn and experiment the various types of stories I was interested. My editors gave me a lot of freedom to pursue the stories I wanted to work on. Besides culture stories, I also did a lot of breaking news, political and business stories under the umbrella of culture.
I'm grateful for everything I learnt and the opportunities the SCMP gave me. I remain a regular contributor to the SCMP today.

Throughout the years I have written...I lost count how many stories I have written (I think there are more than 2,000 entries in total). Here are the highlights of my recent stories. For more stories, please go to my SCMP author page.

Culture stories in SCMP's This Week in Asia

How a new generation of Chinese art collectors are taking on the world
-- The summer of 2017 was the art heaven for Europe: Venice Biennale, Art Basel, Munster Sculpture Project and Documenta. All big events opened in the same month. And during my travel around Europe, I met a number of young Chinese art collectors who are taking on the world, with an ambition to build a collection that reflects their taste, knowledge and passion for art, rather than flaunting their wealth. This story is a document on their rise to the global art scene.

Why do we demonise work? Korean artist Haegue Yang defies the convention

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