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Culture is what makes our world a better place to live, and the media plays a key role in the cultural ecology. And for someone who's passionate about culture and the media, I'm very fortunate that my work covers these two areas. 

Throughout my 20 years in the media industry, I have been writing extensively about arts and cultural development in Hong Kong and Asia, covering a range of topics from cultural policy, art, art market, pop culture, cultural and creative industries to piece together a full picture of the region's cultural ecology. Writings range from breaking news to features as well as in-depth analysis and opinion articles. 

My articles appear in Variety, Quartz, Artsy, BBC's The Cultural Frontline and The Arts Hour, as well the South China Morning Post, where I spent a total of 15 years as the paper's culture correspondent. I also contribute commentaries to The Interpreter, published by the Lowy Institute in Australia.

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Outside of my daily profession as a journalist and critic, I'm also deeply interested in history and cultural policy. I researched the development of cultural policy in Hong Kong for my MA in Literary and Cultural Studies at The University of Hong Kong. My dissertation - Chinese Elitism & Neoliberalism: Post-colonial Hong Kong Cultural Policies - A Case Study - is in the collection of HKU library. I contributed an essay entitled Culture and the Media in a Global Age: The Role of the Media in Shaping Cultural Development in "Global City Wannbes" to Creativity and Culture in Contemporary Greater China: The Role of Government, Individuals and Groups, edited by Chi-Cheung Leung and Sonny Shiu-Hing Lo, and published by Bridge21 Publications, now available on Amazon.

In 2014, I founded Cultural Journalism Campus, a non-profit education initiative promoting arts and culture education among young people and children through the practice of journalism and storytelling. I often share my experiences with young people.

I also comment on a vast range of cultural topics in the media. You can find me commenting on the development of West Kowloon Cultural District in the New York Times here, and on the dating culture in Hong Kong and China in Vogue here. I also talked about the impact of Art Basel on ViuTV's English news programme Re-Viu, which can be watched here

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Besides writing and public speaking, I also offer professional advice related to media, arts and culture. Get in touch via the contact form on the drop-down menu.   


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