Men in white socks and ugly shoes Ewwwwww!!

This is my first fashion/ style related post and it's kind of a surprise to me that it's about men. 

A number of friends have been encouraging me to write about fashion or style but since I'm not exactly a fashion guru, and there've already been way too many fashion blogs out there, I don't want to just talk about fashion - if you want the info, buy a copy of Vogue or InStyle. So let's talk about something that's less of the runway but more about what we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Looking around the buzzing streets of Hong Kong - an international financial centre, a capitalistic society and a town that's known for its trendy street fashion, it's not difficult to spot some properly dressed men - regardless of their nationalities - wearing err...white socks paired up with ugly shoes. 

Strangely a few friends have brought up this subject matter today and I can't help wonder WHY? WHY? WHY? 

What on earth are these men thinking? Obviously they are not thinking when they browse through their wardrobe in the morning, because if they do, there wouldn't have been such post. 

Why would any men who could afford a perfectly tailored Hugo Boss suit with a matching and stylish Paul Smith tie with just white socks and some very ugly shoes? And by ugly shoes I mean those Clarks lookalike round-toe derby popular among school boys and loafers "decorated" with a huge buckle. 

As a journalist and as a woman, I would run as far away as possible from these men because of the following reasons: 

1, They are not reliable, either as a source or as a man - Just how can you trust someone who has such poor judgement? 
2, They do not pay attention to details - They don't care about how they look like to others, why would they care about you? If you are trying to get information out of this man, they would probably leave out the most important leads, so you won't get any good stories from them. 
3, They are most definitely the immature type - Only boys still in school would believe that white socks and Clarks are the only options. You don't want to mother them do you? 
4, They are lazy - No need to explain I guess. But if the guy says that he's wearing white socks because he goes to the gym after work then forget it, he's even too lazy to bring another pair of sporty socks for the gym session. 
5, They do not manage their finances properly - Here I do not mean that they are poor because if they can afford a nice suit, they have the money to spend. But obviously they do not budget their clothing expenses properly by dividing them evenly between the clothes and the footwear. So that means they tend to put all the eggs in one basket. If a guy like this is after you, you will probably be under a lot of pressure because he's putting to much focus on just you. If he's a source, then well...such thing probably won't happen because they won't be on a position high enough to be a source. 
6, They are boring and uncreative - No need to explain either. 

Let's hope there will be less and less men strutting down the streets in a great suit but white socks and ugly shoes. But then, some men just never learn. 

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