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蠢一點,再蠢一點,可以嗎?Can I be dumber?

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女孩子一般較早熟,所以成績一般比男生好男女混合派位,導致女生有較高機會升讀到較好的中學, 那因而女生有更高機會入讀大學。如果你問一位女大學生,會不會選一個就讀於一所名氣成績比她所讀的大學低的男孩做男友,很多都會說不;會不會選一個大學都沒有讀過的男孩?那當然是更不可能。這些並非因為她們都心高氣傲,而是她們都只是想找個跟她們水平差不多的令一半。



所以最聰明的女人,就是那些知道甚麼時候要裝蠢,而又演技好得看起來不是裝出來的樣子 -- 尤其是現在很多香港的男人都比我們蠢和軟弱。





Women who are not clever enough usually do not have a happy ending.

Few weeks ago I watched a TV current affairs programme called Sunday Report, in which a bunch of guys were interviewed. So these guys were bitching about women, what they liked, what they didn't like, etc. Basically, what they wanted was a woman who knew what they wanted, but at the same time knew when to shut up and let them "win". For small things like even changing a light bulb, women should praise for the men's "ability", for nothing but just to make them feel good.

So the truth is -- they want a woman who knows when to play dumb, even if they are just acting for the sake of it.

Most women are very smart. Other than the fact that we are REAL smart, one of the other reasons is that the Equal Opportunity Council made an important move in overthrowing a long-standing schooling system.

In the past, primary school boys and girls were separated into two different queues when getting their secondary school places allocated. But thanks to EOC, this system was abolished in the name of "equal opportunity". The result was that, boys and girls are now mixed together. Because girls are generally more mature than boys at a young age, girls tend to out do the boys in schools, and thus girls stand a higher chance to attend a better secondary school than boys. What's next? These girls will have better chance to attend a better university.

Hence, if you ask a girl if she's willing to go out with a boy who's studying at a university of a lower reputation, she will very likely to say no. A guy with no university degree? Forget it. It's not because these girls are snobs, it's just that they want to be with someone on a similar level, which is not too much to ask for.

But since supply outweighs the demand, girls are left with no choice but to work hard on their careers. Because of their cleverness, they successfully climb up the career ladder. And they are careful and ruthless, because one little mistake can cost them another promotion. 

Unfortunately, career is not like relationships. When you are too smart, too curious, asking too many questions and refusing to compromise, there will only be a very unhappy ending. 

Hence, the most clever women are those who know when to play dumb, and they must have the acting skill that's good enough to win them an Oscar -- especially when most men in Hong Kong are much dumber and weaker than us!

Perhaps the EOC has never thought of themselves being one of those contributing to the over abundance of single women in Hong Kong. 

Let's learn how to be dumber. It's never too late. The goal? Just to have a happy ending like everyone else.

Unless you have given up men in Hong Kong from day one.