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寫英文無前途?The End of English Language in HK?


Anger, Distrust & Insults: Row over HK@Venice Biennale 2013


Sim Sim & Jim Jim (circa 2011)

CK Puff (2009)

That September: The Spiritual Awakening of HK

HK: Perfect Platform for Commodification of Culture?

Alone/ Not Alone

講粗口 On Canto Swearing

小器的「文化」人 The thin-skinned “culture” community

做人難,做香港人更難 Living is hard, Living as a Hongkonger is even harder

原來不是TVB的錯 It's not TVB's fault

神化: More on 黃洋達's "New King of Kowloon"

Lower hand 下把

畢加索與羅文 Picasso & Roman Tam

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