Whitney Houston vs 雲妮侯斯頓

真的不明白:電視台報導Whitney Houston的死訊時死命要講那 "luck cut"到連新聞報導員都差點說不出的中文易名雲妮侯斯頓。為何不可說Whitney Houston? 電視台是否assume香港人的英語水準低,還是香港人見識膚淺,不知Whitney Houston是何許人?拜託!昨晚才讀過不知哪篇報導說導香港的學士碩士會大幅增加不知多少,但香港的電子媒體還當其觀眾是目不識丁的刁民。哀哉!


One thing I don't quite understand is that why on earth Hong Kong's TV news has to say Whitney Houston's name in that unpronounceable Chinese way 雲妮侯斯頓 (Wan-Nei-Hau-See-Dun) instead of the clean and clear Whitney Houston when reporting her death today?? The Chinese name was so irrelevant that even the news anchor had trouble with saying it. Are Hong Kong's TV stations assuming that the level of English in Hong Kong has become so low that we can't even say the name of Whitney Houston properly in English? Or they just thought that we are too ignorant to know who Whitney Houston was? For God's sake! I was just reading this news report from somewhere last night claiming that Hong Kong's labour force will experience a surge in master graduates. But our TV stations still treat most of its TV audience as illiterates. WTF? 

At least Apple Daily didn't insult us this time. 

Now here's a clip of Whitney's performance. RIP. 

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