Go Open Room - solution to HK's dull sex life?

Call me ignorant but I only found out about this website called Go Open Room very recently.

"Go Open Room" makes no sense in English, but it's a literal translation for a common Cantonese phrase "Hui Hoi Fong", meaning "get a room", most commonly referring to getting a cheap hotel room charging an hourly rate, i.e. love hotels. For what? I don't think I need to spell it out.

Out of curiosity, I took a serious look at the website - it's a comprehensive guide to all these cheap hotels making rooms available at an hourly rate, fully equipped with pictures, reviews, direction and pricing.

At first I find it seriously amusing - just who on earth would need such kind of information? But wait, with Hong Kong's rent becoming unaffordable, and buying a flat is simply out of reach for most sexually active young people, young people are forced to live with their parents. So where else can they go to have sex? They simply cannot do it in their own bedroom with their parents sitting in the living room laughing out loud along those lame TV dramas or game shows.

No wonder Hong Kong people are perpetually unhappy.

And here may I praise the efforts of this website's creators for coming up with a solution that lightens up the city a bit.


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