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香港,就是這麼賤?Hong Kong, is this what you deserve?

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長久以來,香港這地方同雞無乜分別,比援交更賤。援交都可以揀老細,但雞就唔得,有客就要接,被人抽水無得出聲,做到人老珠黃就會被棄掉,重來沒有人是對香港有BEST INTEREST。





July 1 is the anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong. It is supposedly a day to celebrate the end of the colonial rule, the liberation of a city that was ceded due to the unequal treaties signed over a century ago. But in reality, there's only pain. Fourteen years down the road, people's living standard has gone from bad to worse. The income gap is getting wider and wider. Protests are getting more and more violent. The reason is simple: Hong Kong has never escaped from the colonial rule. The only thing that has changed is the coloniser, from a country ruled by a democratic government, to one where freedom and democracy are nothing but myths.

Hong Kong is no different from a prostitute. It's worse than compensated dating, which allows one to pick the customer. But as a prostitute, you simply have no choice. When there's a customer, you have to serve him, regardless of how ugly or smelly he is. By the time you are old and ugly, you will be abandoned. No one ever has best interest in you.

After serving the Brits, Hong Kong has to serve the mainlanders. As a client the Brits at least didn't take things to the extreme - there were public housing, a certain level of social welfare.

And the mainlanders? They have great energy and unlimited amount of cash. They can fuck you around the clock, till the day you can no longer handle the job. If not, Hong Kong will not have to take all those new immigrants that are unwanted by their country; the city will not let China's hot money buy out Hong Kong. There's no improvement in social welfare, no increase in supply of public housing. Instead, everyone attempts to lure you into the property market, sign up for a life-long debt, and by the time you pay off your mortgage, you might have to be forced to sell your flat if the rest of the owners in your building agree to sell theirs. Opposite voices are suppressed. "Patriotic" education is introduced so that our future generations will not know how to question the unjust. Unreasonable laws guarding interests of the minority is introduced one after another, crushing the rule of law - the core value of Hong Kong that laid the foundation of the city's success. Justice has become a luxury.

What have Hong Kong done to deserve this?

If no one loves Hong Kong, Hong Kong should at least love herself. Unfortunately there are too many pimps eager to bring customers to fuck us over. More than 210,000 people took the street? So what? These heartless pimps won't give a fuck.