Bin Laden is dead. But where's justice?

I read the Bible just now, first time in over a decade.

I'm no religious – despite all these years of education I received at Christian and Catholic schools, the idea of becoming a Christian or a Catholic never crossed my mind. But tonight straight after I came home from work, I digged out the Bible from my secondary school days and tried to read the Book of Revelation.

The urge to read the most difficult chapter of one of the oldest pieces of literature came from not the news of Osama bin Laden was allegedly dead, as Barack Obama told the world live on TV, but the horrid news footages of Americans celebrating the news.

It was disturbing.

Certainly there's no way for me to understand the pain of losing your loved ones from one of the most cruel and ruthless attacks in our times, but really, is his death such a delightful piece of news? So much so that we have to cheer and drink champagne because of someone's death?

Death is not the way to serve justice – at least this is what I believe.

I still believe in fair trial. I want to hear the truth and the evidence at the court. Just like those poor innocent Hongkongers who were shot dead in the kidnap tragedy in the Philippines. We all had our hearts broken from watching the tragedy unfold live on TV, and we all blamed the corrupted Philippines government for their idiotic dealings of the kidnap from the beginning till the end. But do we want everyone involved to die? No. We want justice, achieved not by more killings, but hearing the truth at a fair trial.

I want to hear Bin Laden's version of the story. I want to hear his own words explaining all those countless attacks allegedly plotted by him. I want to know the reasons that made him decide to take such actions against the world. But now his death simply means that certain truth will forever be buried, and from now on all we know is a completely biased version of 9/11 and other terrorists attacks. It does not give the justice all the victims deserve. There is nothing to celebrate!

Honestly, whoever happily celebrating someone's death – regardless of whose death it is – are no difference from those affluent mainlanders splashing their cash wherever they go, boosting the prices of everything from properties to Chanel classic flap bags. They are all equally senseless.

Due to my limited understanding of Christianity and perhaps the lack of faith, I could decode nothing from my brief reading, except that Satan's marked by the code of “666”. So what's next? 

We know this is not over just yet. 

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