Turning a blind eye??? Well, I'm still learning

I planned to read Ma Jian's Beijing Coma as part of the research for one of my MA essays when I was getting my pedi done but this Sudden Weekly resting on the top of a stack of gossip mags has successfully diverted my attention from work to play.

Just like Stanley Ho, property tycoon Joseph Lau is known for his passion for the opposite sex. But unlike Stanley Ho, who limits to his "official" women to the four "wives", Lau takes one step further - his only wife was long dead, and any other women can only be a "girlfriend" at their best: no one is official, no one is more favoured than the other; the love and commitment that they can get from the guy is limited and they should have no expectation.

So here's the cover of this issue of Sudden Weekly - Lau's two girlfriend Yvonne (the one holding the baby) and former Apple Daily entertainment reporter (the one holding a little girl on bottom right) are fighting over Lau's "blessing", and Yvonne, who already has a daughter and a son with Lau, is on the upper hand - she's pregnant again just four months after giving birth to the son, while Kimbee only has one daughter.

I immediately picked up the mag and read through the juicy cover story when my feet were being soaked in the hot water before my pedi began. But I can't help wondering: can I ever be like Yvonne or Kimbee?

I'm not talking about how much I aspire to become a tycoon's mistress, but just can I turn a blind eye to whatever the guy's doing behind my back?

If there's no such thing as monogamy, the world could've been a lot simpler with less conflicts, at least on the relationship front. It's because of monogamy, women falsely expect that their men to be loyal and faithful, but there's a miscalculation: it is men's duty to spread seeds. They can't help having this natural desire to stick their dicks inside as many vaginas as they wish. And as I said in my previous post, most men aren't as smart as they wish they were, and if their blood flow goes from their brains down to their erected dicks, their brains simply do not have enough fuel to manage the function of thinking. 

So I believe Yvonne and Kimbee (plus the wives of Stanley Ho's) are either smart enough to under the force of the nature or they have super high EQ: they accept what they are getting and turn a blind eye to other things, as long as the man offers enough protection and shelter. 

The so-called smart women demanding a monogamous faithful relationships are really not that smart, because if they are smart enough, they would know what to expect, and when to turn a blind eye at the right times by not asking too many questions. They should keep their chins up, wear a warm and sweet smiley face whenever they see the guy if they want to keep him around. 

This might sound a bit mean, and I would probably draw a lot of condemnation from feminists for making such kind of statement. But let's face it, we are all animals and we can't fight against our nature. It's best to learn to understand it and manage our expectations. And yet, I'm not there yet and I'm still learning. 

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