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Ten years on, we still don't have a Bruce Lee museum in Hong Kong. Do we have to wait for another decade?

Recently I wrote a story for Quartz (Tourists keep looking for Bruce Lee in the one place that can't seem to remember him) about the difficulties in finding traces of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong, the city where the late star grew up and he became a kung fu legend and screen icon with the movies he made with studio Golden Harvest. This is particularly true when the exhibition Bruce Lee: Kung Fu ‧ Art ‧ Lifecurrently on show at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum will end its 5-year run in July in 2018. Since we don't have a museum dedicated to Lee, if the show did not extend its run, fans will lose a precious spot where they can pay tribute to their beloved idol. It'd be a shame for Hong Kong not to have a destination commemorating Lee.

During my research for the story, I reconnected with Wong Yiu-keung, chairman of Bruce Lee Club, the Hong Kong-based fan club. Mr Wong said perhaps now would be the time to re-boot the conversation about building a Bruce Lee museum in Hong Kong.

Mr Wo…

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