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Art is about exploration of ideas: lessons from Beijing Art Trip 2017

Artists aren't just craftsmen who make pretty objects. They are the greatest thinkers and critics of our times who put forward their ideas into the works they create. Learning about art, history and the world and forming opinions about them are pivotal in the training for young artists.

This summer, 20 teenagers from Hong Kong were brought to Beijing for a four-day art exploration trip. They are not the usual teenagers. These are teen artists who have won recognitions at this year's The Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition. The trip was a reward to their outstanding achievements in their artistic pursuits.

The trip had a full itinerary, visiting museums and exhibitions ranging from traditional and classical Chinese and western art to contemporary works as well as meeting two of the greatest artists of our times - Fang Lijun and Sui Jianguo. Hong Kong artist Chui Pui-chee and I were invited to join the trip as mentors to the student artists, discussing art and shar…

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