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THE FAIR WARNING - Episode One: The Moon

THE FAIR WARNING A tale of greed, rivalries and broken hearts revolving round the art circus
Not everyone dares to dream big, but those who do must have an agenda, and this is particularly true in the art world. Take my friend Lily May Wong, for example. Her day job was as a professional psychic, reading Tarot cards and astrological omens for the rich and famous while writing an astrology column for a local newspaper. But she was not satisfied with that. She felt that art was her true calling and she wanted to make it big in the art world. “I’m destined to be an artist,” she declared when we first met over a decade ago at the vernissage of ART HK, Hong Kong’s first decent modern and contemporary art fair, not long after she earned her MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. “THIS is going to make Hong Kong an art hub. I know I’m right.”
In hindsight, Lily May might have been a better psychic serving others than reading her own fortune. Nearly …

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