Stories published in Variety

I've been covering Hong Kong and China film and entertainment industry news and cultural-political analysis in the region for Variety, one of the world's biggest film and entertainment industry publications headquartered in Los Angeles, US, since 2016. It's been my teenage dream to see my bylines appear in Variety

Below are some of the highlights. For a full list of all my stories in Variety, click here.

Brigette Lin Returns As Star of Hong Kong and Udine Festivals  my exclusive interview with Brigette Lin the screen goddess

Wanda Studios Open with Minimal Fanfare, Missing Hollywood Movies — my report of the long awaited opening of the Wanda mega studios in Qingdao, China

Hong Kong Films Face Challenges in Mainland China  Long gone are the heydays of Hong Kong's movie industry. Hong Kong films today face huge challenges locally and on the mainland, that is, if they aim at the vast mainland market. But will there be opportunities for the young Hong Kong filmmakers? Here's my analysis.

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