Artsy is a startup company headquartered in New York. It is an online platform for selling art -- galleries pay a fee to get on the platform to reach potential clients who could be located far beyond. The platform has a nicely designed app that contains information that is almost equivalent to an encyclopedia of contemporary art history, as well as exhibitions and art fairs information. 

The platform also runs quality editorial content managed by an independent editorial team. It is fun contributing to Artsy because of its vision and I can reach a crowd different from that of the mainstream media. And I particularly admire the company's ambition -- creating a world in which art is as popular as music, which aligns with the mission of Cultural Journalism Campus, the non-profit I founded in 2014. 

Here are some of the highlights of my stories: 

2018-05-02 Dealers Test Chinese Art Market with New Fair in Rising Economic Powerhouse Chengdu 

2017-04-03 Hong Kong’s New Chief Executive Could Reshape the City’s Arts Scene

2016-10-19 On A Far-Flung Island in Japan, Teshima Museum Offers A Religious Experience
2016-10-18 Why Photography is Finally Having A Boom in Asia

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