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Quartz is a fast-growing young digital news platform under The Atlantic Media in the US. It's sleek design and quirky take of news makes this platform one of the most attractive and promising media portals in the digital age. The diversity and openness of the platform also allow me to write creatively -- some of my pieces published in Quartz are among my favourites. Visit here for my author page. 

A sense of futility and fear of the future keep recurring in one Hong Kong artist's work -- An analysis of the body of works by Hong Kong artist Morgan Wong 

Food is the new battlefield among museums, and Singapore has set the bar -- Great art and great exhibitions are pivotal for the success of one institution, but food is playing an increasingly important role, as institutions are literally rivalling against other leisure and lifestyle destinations. Here's my analysis inspired by my experience at National Gallery Singapore.

A spider-obsessed artist is collaborating with MIT to spin the architecture for climate change -- My interview with Berlin-based artist Tomas Saraceno, who had a large-scale exhibition at Asia Culture Centre in Gwangju, South Korea that I visited. I also visited his studio in Berlin and met the hundreds of spiders he kept in his lab. 

Why is this Taiwanese man the dream husband of many women in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China
On June 31, 1997, Hong Kong had a taste of independence for just one day
The spirit of old Hong Kong lives on in these black and white images by master photographer Fan Ho
Tourists keep looking for Bruce Lee in one place that can't seem to remember him
A Chinese revolution in karaoke is making it much better for introverts

2017-04-11 "Ghost in the Shell" is a poem to Hong Kong as it faces the 20th anniversary of its handover to China -- Probably the best essay I have ever written 


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